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​​showed me how cut glass could smooth wood just as well as the sharpest of planes. I thought that was magic at 

​​kitchens and vanities were not out of the question as well. 

​What was in "style" went out and then came back in. Through the many years the one constant has 

​​always been you. You dictate and guild what we make. Our shop has all the equipment necessary to  

 What started as a small firm manufacturing the custom wood work for drug store interiors and strip mall clothing stores grew. We started to get larger jobs, bank interiors, corporate interiors, fine high end one off furniture. The 80's saw us get into the bottom 

​​of the trading desk market. We became the exclusive manufacturer for all Drexel Burnham Lambert trading desks while also producing furniture for companies such as Kidder Peabody, Paine Webber and later UBS. 

​The 80's also saw my involvement in the company expand. I spent every summer and winter working for dad in the shop, learned how to read drawings and keep my fingers. A veteran cabinet maker

​​Hi my name is Rolf Hoppe. I own and operate a custom woodworking facility located in Newark NJ. R J Hoppe Inc. was started in 1964 by two German immigrants to the United states and I joined the firm after graduating from Pratt Institute with a degree in Architecture. 

The two future 

partners met as 

​they were 

applying the skills

they had learned

as apprentices in 

post ​war Germany. 

The first shop,

also in Newark, 
was in the back of a church, a converted horse stable complete with a second floor loft. The tools, mostly hand. Electricity was reserved for a table saw and some drills. Finishing was by hand, rags and brushes.
Along came the 70's
replete with pork
chop side burns,

the leisure suit and

a new much bigger
 shop. Inherent with

the bigger shop

came bigger

equipment and the

ability to handle

much bigger

custom projects. The firm acquired edge banding

equipment, shapers, furniture clamps, sliding

A Brief Working History Of Two German Immigrants To The United States Custom Made Furniture

​R J Hoppe Inc.Cabinet Makers Shop

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​Fine cabinetmakers in New Jersey, our cabinet makers shop services a 50 radius of NYC​​​​

R J Hoppe Inc Custom Architectural Woodwork and Fine Furniture, Cabinet Maker New Jersey

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the time. 

The 90's saw us take quite a bit of work for general contractors  as well as what was  referred to as command center furniture. Yet custom 

​complete any wood working project. You may have, both large and small. 

 table saws, a full spray room, a hot veneer press, a case clamp, a metal shop, a raw materials storage area, wide belt sanders you get the idea.

However, the roots and the heart of the company remained the same. We were dedicated to the fine craftsmanship born in years gone by.